Symphonic Orchestras

RSNO /Royal Scottish National Orchestra / Conductor : Sergey Neller

January 2023

Piano concerto N°4 “AIR” & “DAWN” Symphonic poem – Christian Schittenhelm

“Prélude à l’Après-midi d’un faune” Claude Debussy

Royal Scottish National Orchestra (RSNO) orchestra with Ukrainian pianist Svetlana Andreeva and her husband the conductor Sergey Neller at The New Auditorium in Glasgow. They are recording the music of composer Christian Schittenhelm. Photograph by Martin Shields Tel 07572 457000 © Martin Shields

LPO / London Philharmonic Orchestra / Conductor : Hubert Bougis

1989 / Danger de Vie – Des Amériques à Ceylan / Christian Schittenhelm